Playtop Safer Surfacing is built on recycling.

Playtop and the Environment


Playtop uses recycled truck tyresAs a group we have a unique and innovative business model, controlling all aspects of our operations. CONICA LTD, a sister company, is based at the same Headquarters in Newark, Nottinghamshire and is involved in the recycling of commercial vehicle tyres. The recycling operation generates the black rubber granulate that is used as the base layer of our surfaces.

CONICA LTD recycles over 300,000 tyre casings a year, creating over 10,000 tonnes of rubber granulate. Waste steel that is used to reinforce these heavy duty tyres is separated from the rubber and also recycled, along with the textile which has secondary uses in the equestrian industry on paddocks.

Due to our partnership with Nike Grind we are also able to use rubber granulate from recycled trainer materials, both old trainers themselves and cut offs that would otherwise be thrown out during the manufacturing process. The Nike Grind is then added to Playtop to give a speckled effect to the surface, something a little different to plain old black! It also provides a great story or case study for schools to learn about whilst a surface is being installed.