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Playground a flying success for TASCO

The latest installation of Playtop is a flying success, with 200m2 of its safer play surfacing making an impression at the newly extended Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

TASCO, Playtop's overseas licensee for Qatar, undertook the impressive installation, which sits in passenger lounges at different gates of the new airport and its recent extensions. The project is one of a number at the airport following an introduction by Playtop's Italian licensee, Giochisport, who ensured that Playtop was specified by the Milan-based architect.

The play surfacing, composed of a blend of EPDM Earth & Fire, supports various futuristic shapes which, at first glance, appear to be grand sculptures, but is actually an innovative playground for children, composed of abstract play frames.

Playtop's safer play surfacing is an ideal choice for the new installation, with its range of over 20 colours and its durable, cost-effective finish. Playtop surfacing is specifically designed to minimise the risk of injury to children, while maximising play through enhance texture and colour. It's resistance to abrasion, indentation and slipping make it a safe and smart choice for any play area.

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