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Denmark's Floating Playground: Playtop installation 'anything but traditional'

Playtop's latest installation of a seemingly floating playground in one of Denmark's popular shopping centers is delighting parents, children and passersby - by defying both convention and, it would seem, gravity.

Set on a mezzanine floor in the City 2 shopping centre in Denmark, the playground appears to be floating, due to a combination of 2 metre high glass walls, which provide great acoustics, and its immense height. Overlooked by the top two floors of the mall and framed by the transparent fence, the playground is a perfectly encapsulated playscape, despite being set in a busy shopping centre. Playtop's Danish licensee UNO, who was the driving force behind the build and the principle supplier, is as delighted with the exciting project as City 2 was to receive it.

"It was important that the playground 'hovered '" asserts Thomas Lüscher from City 2.

"It's a very different playground where children are challenged and it was just what we wanted - in fact we wanted to steer as far away from the traditional playground concept as possible, and that was understood by UNO."

He stresses that the transparent fencing, as well as reducing the sound levels of the playground by 17 percent and boosting acoustics, means that children can be viewed by the parents at all times, whether on the playground or browsing through nearby shops.

"The playground is anything but traditional! It has become part of the overall experience of City 2, and it is certainly a draw."

"When we opened, we were anxious to see how the children would receive it," he admitted. "but they started to play and they knew instinctively how it was used and loved it, " adds Mr Lüscher.

The playground features Playtop impact-absorbing surfacing in a variety of colours, as well as a futuristic play podium and 2.5 metre slide.

"It's a full experience, where there is something for everyone," adds Thomas. "So, thanks to Playtop and UNO, City 2 is no longer just a shopping centre, but a real tourist attraction."

To get more information, contact Playtop on +44 (0) 1636 642461 or email

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