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3D animals create a 'very special' playscape in South Korea

Playtop's Korean licensee, GV Co, has recently created an enormous playscape at the South Korean Land and Housing Association's (LH) head office, with the exclusive range of 3D rubber animals taking centre stage.

The ambitious installation includes seven of the range's 39 rubber shapes and animals in a mix of bright, bold colours and charming characters. The play area is for the on-site kindergarten of the housing association and features a six-metre tall Peter Pan shaped slide and play studio, complete with Tinkerbell stood atop a sloped walkway.

"This project is unique - very different from a general playground or park,' enthuses Richard Kim, of GV Co Ltd. "We've had very nice comments about the whole installation.

"We like the bee, hedgehog and ladybird the most!" he added.

The impressive project is the largest of Playtop's 3D animals installations to date and offers a captivating and imaginative play area of colours, shapes and textures, all designed with optimum safety and play value in mind.

Playtop's 3D Rubber Animals range is made with a high-quality rubber surface, making them safe, incredibly durable and able to be installed in virtually any play environment. What's more, the unique design and colourful characters captivate children and foster a collaborative play environment, fostering social skills as well as creative play. For optimum protection, every shape in the colourful 3D range complies with the European Safety Standard EN1176.

Playtop's 3D Animals are also available in a smaller size, as part of the Mini 3D Range, which features 11 of the original animals but 25% smaller in size, making them ideal for children as young as two years old, as well as where space is more limited.

To get more information on Playtop 3D animals range or the Mini 3D Range, contact Playtop on +44 (0) 1636 642461 or email

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