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A Playful Proposal

Playtop's South Korean licensee, GV Co Ltd, is hoping to create a play wonderland, using the 3D range of rubber animals, at the head office of the South Korean Land and Housing Association.

The plans for the project include seven different pieces from the range's 28 rubber shapes and animals. The play area is for the on-site kindergarten of the housing association and will include a Bee, Reptile, Hedgehog, Ladybird, Hare, Turtle and a Spider, all placed around a six metre central tower in the shape of Peter Pan, complete with slide, play tunnel and even a miniature Tinkerbell.

If the plans come to fruition, it will mark the largest installation of Playtop's 3D animals to date and offer a captivating and imaginative playscape of colours, shapes and textures, all designed with optimum safety and comfort in mind.

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