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First ever rooftop playground installed in Slovakia

STUDIO-21 Plus, the Slovakian licensee for Playtop, has recently created the first ever playground to be installed on the roof of a building in the country.

The playground, installed on the roof of the four-storey Central shopping centre in Bratislava, features a unique blend of Playtop surfacing and Playtop's newest innovation, the 3D rubber animals range.

The playground, which sits 18m above street level, is intended for use by children between the ages of two and six years old and has already received an extraordinary reaction from the public, with some children even wanting to use the park before it was fully installed.

The addition of Playtop's 3D Program range creates two hugely engaging points of interest for children: the range presents interesting animals and stimulating rubber shapes that create the perfect environment for cooperative, open-ended play by encouraging children to use their imagination.

Of the range's 28 different rubber shapes and animals in a mix of bright, bold colours and charming characters, this latest installation included the Bee and Ladybird set into 125m2 of 40mm thick Playtop surfacing, creating a captivating mixture of colours, shapes and textures, all designed with optimum safety and comfort in mind.

Milos Jurik, of Studio-21 explains why this project was such an exciting undertaking for the company: "It was our first installation on the roof of a building and the technical specifications were quite challenging.

"We had to find a special solution to create the Centre’s logo to make the 3D shape – as we could not work with concrete, because of the maximum load of the roof. We had to find the most similar colours to the shopping centre’s logo, which we created manually through a mixture of Playtop eggshell, white, yellow, bright orange and bright red.

"It is made especially for little kids (2-6 years old), so it is a really good place for parents to relax after or during shopping in the centre, knowing their children are safe and engaged in creative, open-ended play."

Playtop is now available in 51 countries across five of the world’s seven continents, following their recent expansion into South America, Africa and Australasia.

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