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Ecoflex installs Playtop Street interactive surfacing into Indian 'Worlds of Wonder'

Ecoflex has recently completed its first installation of the unique Playtop Street interactive play surfacing in India, alongside 1400 m2 of Playtop surfacing at the Worlds of Wonder amusement park in Delhi, India.

The ambitious installation creatively uses Playtop safer surfacing in a number of clever ways across five vast but distinctly different play areas.

In two zones, specially treated Playtop surfacing has been used to frame the edges of large swimming pools, creating bright, bold artificial beaches, using vibrant colours.

Other areas of the theme park see Playtop surfacing being used to create bright playground bases around rocky alcoves, featuring graphics of a starfish, octopus, fish and seashells to add points of interest.

A final play area is part of the Playtop Street range, which provides interactive games for people or all ages to enjoy, with varying lights, sounds and shapes that help create game play. The i-UFO shape consists of a dome inset into a circle of play surfacing, creating the image of an alien flyer saucer, which the interactive lights bring to life.

Captain Rakesh Agrawala, President of Ecoflex who oversaw the installation, says the unique surfacing "adds a new energetic light and game dimension to the park that all age groups can enjoy."

The installation comes shortly after Playtop has announced its expansion into South America, Africa and Australasia, giving the company the ability to offer their world-leading surfacing in five of the world’s seven continents.

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