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Playtop adds to its 3D creative play range

Six new animals have been added to the innovative Playtop 3D collection, which is already being praised for allowing children to foster improved social skills through creative play.

The unique collection, which previously included 24 different rubber shapes and animals, has been expanded to include six new animals to help build a better quality of play. The new additions include: a wolf, tiger, snail, dragon, a lion and a hippopotamus.

Thomas Møller-Neilsen, International Business Development Manager at Playtop says: "These new shapes add even more originality and diversity to the 3D animals range, which is a hugely interactive tool where children can be creative whilst having fun. The animals and shapes create an exciting and fun environment that stimulates children's imagination, social and physical skills."

St Edmunds C of E Primary School in Mansfield, Nottingham, was the first UK playground to have some of the range installed. Mrs Mykela Horton, Head teacher of the school, explains the visible benefits the range has had on not just the playground but also in shaping children's social development through creative play.

"The change was almost immediate," she says. "The children absolutely love the animals and look forward to play time much more. The range not only brightens up the playground but it's also introducing a new play environment where they have to learn to take turns, share and play cooperatively.

"We initially chose Playtop for the installation because they gave a competitive quote and an excellent contract, but seeing the children respond to the animals confirms we made the right decision. It not only makes play more engaging and creative but also actively promotes better social skills by encouraging sharing and collaboration.

"The response from both children and parents has been overwhelmingly positive," she adds.

Made with bright, bold colours, every item in the range complies with the European Safety Standard EN1176 and all are covered with a high quality rubber surface. All products are made 100% in the European Union.

Installation is easy as each piece can be bolted to the ground or left freestanding, allowing elements to be moved around to create new play areas for children. Maintenance is minimal and due to the high product specifications, the animals are endurable and suitable for almost any play environment.

The Playtop 3D Program range is available internationally through Playtop's global licensees.

To view the 3D animals range, please follow the link below.

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