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First Playtop Street Area in USA

Playtop Street installed at 4th Street Ball Park Complex in Ogden, Utah

An interactive playground that is reportedly the first of its kind in North America will soon be installed at the 4th Street Ball Park Complex in Ogden, Utah.

The Ogden Recreation Department, in collaboration with the Ogden Youth Track Club, has been awarded a Playtop Street playground for the complex at 502 Wall Ave. through sponsorship from the Hershey Company's Track and Field Games, Nike and Summit Recreation.

The Playtop Street playground is valued around $50,000 and will be operational next month, said Jay Lowder, the city's public services director.

"It's going to be a welcome addition because parents will be able to watch children in the playground while also watching a ballgame," he said.

The playground is unique because its 35-foot-by-19-foot playtop area contains 12 underground lights that are set in the surface materials, city officials say.

Touching each light with a hand or foot activates a series of colors and sounds, prompting the user to participate in activity games. The playtop has five standard activity games: speed, impact, battle, chaser and tennis, but also allows users to create their own games.

Children and adults can play games individually or as a group or team.

The overall play area also will include a slide, spinning bucket, long-jump area, funnel ball, merry-go-round and ultimately will be surrounded by a walking/running track. The safe surface of the playground and track will be made of Playtop with "Nike Grind," a recycled shoe material.

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