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Playtop Helps Old Trafford Mark 100th Anniversary

Playtop lid on Manchester United time capsule

To celebrate the centenary of Old Trafford Stadium, a time capsule has been buried at the iconic home of Manchester United Football Club - with a lid made from Playtop.

To create the lid, Playtop incorporated the Manchester United crest, along with the words ‘OT100 - 100 years of Old Trafford', which were intricately produced in Playtop's Safer Surfacing. It is an excellent example of how even the most complex logos, words and emblems can be recreated using Playtop.

The capsule itself contained Manchester United memorabilia and was sealed by relatives of the 1910 United team and by the family of the then football club chairman, J H Davies, and the stadium architect Archibald Leitch.  It was then buried close to the centre tunnel at Old Trafford, which is the only remaining part of the original stadium.

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