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Welcome to Playtop Ltd.

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Playtop - safe, sustainable surfacing and shapes for playgrounds and walkways

Playtop Safer Surfacing is Europe's leading wet pour play surface. It is designed for use in play areas and beneath children's play equipment and was devised to minimise the risk of injury to children who fall in playgrounds. Due to its long lasting properties, Playtop has also proved itself as a versatile surface for golf walkways and multi use games areas. Playtop surfacing is installed throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as in 50 other countries around the world.

This is the website of Playtop Ltd, the UK licensee for Playtop safer surfacing. If you are based outside the UK, please follow the link to go to the global website.

The full Playtop range includes:


Puuha Group Oy joins the growing Playtop family

Puuha Group Oy joins the growing Playtop family, becoming the official licensee for Finland

International play surfacing provider, Playtop, is thrilled to announce that Puuha Group Oy has become its newest official licensee in Northern Europe. The company will have exclusive rights to sell the Playtop range of products across Finland...

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Non-slip Swimming In Selfoss

Non-slip Swimming In Selfoss

Playtop has recently been used to transform a swimming pool in the Icelandic town of Selfoss - giving grip (and reassurance) in an area previously plagued by accidental slips and falls...

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3D fun at The Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

3D fun at The Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

The Playtop 3D Animals adds a whole new dimension to play and Playtop makes no exception with its latest installation at Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire...

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Odense Harbour

A Splashing Investment: Interest in stunning Playtop installation refuses to dry up

An interactive playground at Odense Harbour in Denmark is still in remarkable condition...

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Center for World Culture

TASCO transforms play zone at Center for World Culture

Playtop impact-absorbing surfacing is known for being used in ambitious installations across the world...

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From Russia with Love

From Russia With Love!

As the world's leading safer surfacing company, Playtop is delighted to showcase the brand's first project in Russia...

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Olympic Park Rio

Bold and Beautiful in Brazil: Playtop transforms playground for Rio 2016

After almost three years in the pipeline, Playtop has been used to transform one of Brazil's aging playgrounds with brightly coloured, safer surfacing...

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Pigalle Playground, Paris

Paris Playground Transformed

Hidden behind a small door and wedged between two buildings in the Pigalle neighbourhood of Paris is a newly transformed basketball court, complete with a colourful Playtop surface...

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Bogota School

Underwater Oasis for Bogota School

The latest installation of Playtop's safer surfacing has delighted a school in Bogota with a unique underwater walkway and playscape inspired by the children's classic The Jungle Book...

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Hamad Airport Doha

Playground a flying success for TASCO

The latest installation of Playtop is a flying success, with 200m2 of its safer play surfacing making an impression at the newly extended Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar...

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First Playtop Project in Cyprus

Playtop safer surfacing has recently been used by Ergosport to complete its first installation in Cyprus, combating "dubious quality" materials from other suppliers...

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City2 Legeplads

Denmark's Floating Playground: Denmark's Floating Playground:

Playtop installation 'anything but traditional'...

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3D animals create a 'very special' playscape in South Korea

Playtop's Korean licensee, GV Co, has recently created an enormous playscape at the South Korean Land and Housing Association's (LH) head office, with the exclusive range of 3D rubber animals taking centre stage...

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Mini Animals

Playtop announces new miniature 3D animals:

Following on from the success of the 3D range of rubber animals and shapes, Playtop has launched a mini range of 11 animals. The Mini 3D Range is ideal for smaller children and for where space is more limited...

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7 3d Animals Kindergarten

A Playful Proposal

Playtop's South Korean licensee, GV Co Ltd, is hoping to create a play wonderland, using the 3D range of rubber animals, at the head office of the South Korean Land and Housing Association...

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First ever rooftop playground installed in Slovakia

STUDIO-21 Plus, the Slovakian licensee for Playtop, has recently created the first ever playground to be installed on the roof of a building in the country...

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Indian World of Wonder

Ecoflex installs Playtop Street interactive surfacing into Indian 'Worlds of Wonder'

Ecoflex has recently completed its first installation of the unique Playtop Street interactive play surfacing in India...

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British School

School playgrounds become exciting playscapes: Van Vliet creates two stunning school adventure playgrounds

Dutch licensee, Van Vliet Buitenruimte, has created a series of dramatic and clever playgrounds...

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Playtop Bogota

Playtop used to revive 93 Park: 'The Champs Elysees of Bogota'

Playtop has recently been used in the restoration of Bogota's esteemed 93 Park...

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3D Layout

Playtop adds to its 3D creative play range

Six new animals have been added to the innovative Playtop 3D collection, which is already being praised for allowing children to foster improved social skills through creative play...

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3D Animals

Playtop Reveals 3D Rubber Animals to Engage Children and Promote Play

Playtop Licensing Ltd is introducing an exclusive range of 3D rubber animals. The range will be available worldwide and will include a variety of pieces including animals and shapes, all designed to foster creativity and play among children...

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Puzzle Island

Puzzle Playground brought back to Life

A massive restoration project by Dutch playground company Van Vliet, using Playtop surfacing, has ensured that a jigsaw puzzle is nearly visible from space...

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Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink!

Imagine - installing over 900 square metres of pink Playtop! Well, Van Vliet, the Dutch Playtop licensee has done just that in South East Amsterdam...

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First in Milan

Giochisport, Playtop's Italian licensee, has installed the first playground in Milan that is completely accessible for wheelchairs...

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Playtop in 3D

In the Greek pavilion at the 13th Biennale Architect's Show were two 3D shapes covered in Playtop...

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Playtop with Nikegrind

Creating New from Old

Playtop has launched a new safer surfacing system for children's playgrounds, which is at least 82% re-used materials...

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Odense Harbour

Playtop Makes a Splash

A new interactive playground is offering children of all ages an exciting way to play at Odense Harbour in Denmark whilst also providing an architectural feature...

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Story 27 W Secondary Playspace

First Playtop Street Area in USA

An interactive playground that is reportedly the first of its kind in North America will soon be installed at the 4th Street Ball Park Complex in Ogden, Utah...

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Playtop Street

Interactive Surfacing - A New Way to Play!

Just launched worldwide, Playtop Street is an 11 metre by 6 metre oval area consisting of Playtop wet-pour rubber surfacing and 12 satellites. The satellites, light up and make a series of sounds...

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MUFC Playtop Time Capsule

Playtop Helps Old Trafford Mark 100th Anniversary

To celebrate the centenary of Old Trafford Stadium, a time capsule has been buried at the iconic home of Manchester United Football Club - with a lid made from Playtop...

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Crates to Craters

From Crates to Craters!

Odense in Denmark is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. And for one kindergarten in the city, fairytales really do come true. Their playground has been transformed into an area of adventure - featuring volcanoes, islands and shark-infested waters!...

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